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Soledad Vélez and Visiones

Soledad Vélez is an outstanding musical artist who recently released her album VISIONES in March 2022, which has been recognized as one of the most interesting works of the year. In this album, the artist uses her hypnotic voice to combine pop, electronic, and urban music, and sing about heartbreak with great emotion and feeling.

She is a surprising and mysterious creator, whose music is characterized by its complexity, personality, and absence of concessions. The album VISIONES was recorded at Álamo Shock and co-produced by Soledad Vélez and Guille Mostaza. The live performance she presents at The Curtain is exclusive and represents a unique opportunity to appreciate her art live, with a great volume and striking visuals that complement the power of the music.

Soledad Vélez is a highly talented and original musician whose latest work, VISIONES, has generated a great deal of interest among both the public and specialized critics. Her eclectic style and magnetic, emotive voice have established her as a prominent figure in the contemporary music scene.