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Friends and Sponsors

We have excellent travel companions who have opted for virtual reality as a bet on the present. A great family that offers magical and virtual moments.

Radio 3

Radio - WEB - TV,

Radio 3 is undoubtedly the commitment to music and creators. Integrated into the public corporation of RTVE, it has a programming focused on musical current events, paying special attention to genres that do not have a presence in more commercial offers.

Binarybox Studios

Virtual Reality Design,

Binarybox Studios is a development studio specializing in the creation of software and virtual reality experiences. A vital part of Singulive and responsible for everything you feel and see.



As a non-profit entity, SGAE is dedicated to the defense and collective management of intellectual property rights in performing arts, audiovisuals, and music. They have more than 120,000 members (authors, music publishers, and heirs). They represent more than 4 million rights holders, with a repertoire of over 80 million works in 180 countries.

The Fandation


The Fandation is the perfect place for band and Singulive merchandise. Discover spectacular designs and take your band with you. Limited editions and lots of surprises await you along with Singulive shows. Reliability and great professionals for the most demanding collectors.

Monocromo en Línea

Creative agency,

A creative company with new paths and ideas. Their creations are exclusive and modern, offering their clients, among whom Red Bull stands out, new ways to communicate.

Estudio Las Pozas

Sound and production,

Their quality and professionalism allow us to offer concerts with exceptional audio in each and every one of our productions. Turn up the volume and check out how our concerts sound.