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Borja Niso en The Hall en Singulive

Enjoy Borja Niso's concert at The Hall!

Borja Niso, the surprising pianist, is one of the artists who has already visited The Hall, our most intimate room, perfect for enjoying classical music, at Singulive.

If you have a pair of Meta Quest glasses you can live the complete experience in virtual reality.

You will enjoy Borja Niso's concert in an immersive way, as if you were right there in the front row, and with two side video screens that will bring you closer to the piano keyboard and the nuance of his interpretation.

In addition, you can meet up to three friends to enjoy the concert, who with their Meta Quest glasses will be living the same concert as you, regardless of the physical distance that separates you.

You can also enjoy the concert, even not exactly the full experience, in our Android app.

Here you can see a short interview with Borja Niso, and some images of what awaits you at Singulive:

In addition to The Hall at Singulive, where he is at your disposal at any time, you have many opportunities to enjoy Borja Niso live in Spain. He is currently touring throughout our country with his shows "Ludovico Musical Experience" and "El Sueño de Borja Niso".

Visit his official website, and write down the date closest to your location in your diary!