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Sleaford Mods, the documentary

This is the story of how not to lose your head when people start proclaiming you "the voice of the people." This is the chronicle of the turnaround that the lives of the Sleaford Mods, a group of forty-somethings, took when they went from spitting proletarian rage and jokes in pubs to becoming the new rap-punk sensation in austerity Britain, as well as a foreign body in the world of the charts.

Between the traditional scene, the tour diary, and the confessional TV, this film traces the rise to fame of the rap-punk duo Sleaford Mods. Armed with a handful of pre-recorded rhythms on a laptop and a microphone, the duo from Nottingham has been tirelessly spitting proletarian rage and jokes in pubs and small venues for years.

Their speeches - between punk spit, slam poetry, and bar jokes - connect with young and old alike who also feel like "austerity dogs" amidst the shipwreck of politics and naked exploitation in today's Britain. They want to fill a void - that of music made by and for the dispossessed - that has been going on for too long.

And everyone sees in them what they want to see: Steve Ignorant (from the legendary anarcho-punk group Crass) sees what he should be doing; Iggy Pop sees the new and better troubadours of misery and alienation; their manager sees the opportunity to quit his job as a bus driver; the family sees a success they never imagined for such louts and liars [in line with the play on words in the title between "cunts" and "kunst"]; the fans see the Sex Pistols of our time; the press sees "the voice of the people."

"How did we get here? It's absurd!" exclaims the group. The challenge ahead for Jason and Simon is how to manage success, industry commitments, and the uncomfortable role of generational spokesperson without losing sight of their health or the world.