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Open beta and first impressions

During the past few days, we had the opportunity to tour our venues with prominent virtual reality industry professionals, alongside the artists who gave birth to Singulive. This tour has been an exciting experience for us, as we were able to witness our favorite artists' concerts live and in a new format of music content playback that offers an unparalleled experience in terms of sound quality and fidelity.

This new format for playing music content, based on virtual reality technology, has awakened a great passion and immense interest in our users. We are proud to confirm that it has not only been well received, but it has also had a positive impact on the audience and has been widely praised for its virtues and possibilities.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence in the offering of music content is constant, and we are working day by day on new updates and ways to improve the experience of our users in our space. This is only the first stage of a long road that will allow us to continue growing and consolidating ourselves as one of the most prominent places to enjoy the best artists and music content.