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A night of guitar

At Singulive, we have had the privilege of exclusively recording a true virtuoso of classical guitar: Jaime Velasco! Allow us to tell you a bit about the biography of this talented artist from Cantabria.

Jaime Velasco is a classical guitarist born and raised in Cantabria, a region known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes. From an early age, Jaime demonstrated exceptional talent for music and immersed himself fully in the study and practice of classical guitar.

With unwavering dedication, Jaime perfected his technique and style, standing out for his expressiveness and dexterity in every note he plays. His passion for classical music has led him to deliver captivating performances on national and international stages, earning recognition and respect from the music community.

Singulive's exclusive recording captures the magic and mastery of Jaime Velasco in all its splendor. Each chord and musical phrase takes listeners on an emotional journey, allowing them to appreciate the beauty and depth of classical guitar.

We will soon announce the release date of this extraordinary virtual reality recording. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of exquisite melodies and overwhelming emotions with the incomparable talent of Jaime Velasco.

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