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Nena Daconte in Singulive

We sincerely wished to have her presence, and it is a fact that it will be so. In the near future, we will have the privilege of exclusively recording Nena Daconte's acoustic show for Singulive. Nena Daconte returns to music in a doubly significant way.

Firstly, with the group La La Love You, who have just interpreted their song "Tenía tanto que darte" (I had smo much to give you) with more danceable and disco arrangements, while preserving the distinctive energetic spirit of the original version. 

Secondly, Nena Daconte returns with her latest studio album, which will be released soon. In her return, she reclaims her past more focused on pop rock, in collaboration with the independent label Subterfuge, who recognizes her as a composer of authentic and beautiful melodies, with catchy choruses and a pop style that the producer Dani Alcover, recognized for albums like "Devil came to me" by the now-defunct band Dover, has imbued with a simple and direct sound of 90s pop rock.

More details will be announced soon.