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Antía Muíño live in Singulive

Antía Muíño is a talented singer-songwriter and composer from Galicia, known for her deep and emotive voice, as well as her ability to convey intense emotions through her music. Born in A Coruña, Galicia, she has been a prominent figure in Spain's independent music scene. We have just recorded her live performance to broadcast it in our Dylan Cinema, so you can experience the excitement of her show soon.

From a young age, Antía showed a strong interest in music and began playing the guitar and writing her own songs. Her poetic and sincere lyrics reflect personal experiences, inner struggles, and reflections on life, earning her the appreciation and connection with her audience.

Her musical style blends elements of folk, pop, and indie music, creating a distinctive and captivating sound. With her warm and moving voice, she can transport listeners to an intimate and profound world in each of her performances.

Throughout her career, Antía Muíño has participated in numerous festivals and concerts throughout Spain, earning recognition from critics and fans alike. Her music has been praised for its authenticity and its ability to connect with the emotions of those who listen.

Antía continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new sounds and themes in her music. Her passion for musical creation and her authenticity have made her an inspiring and respected figure in the Spanish music scene. With each song, Antía Muíño showcases her innate talent and ability to captivate her audience, making her one of the most promising voices in Spain's independent music scene.